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Welcome to our manuals section. The plan is get different M-11 and other MAC manuals floating around out on the 'net scanned and made available on this website. Currently I think we have one of the highest quality M-11/NINE manuals on the Internet thanks to Coal Cracker, and highest quality M10/M11 operating manuals thanks to JunkCollector.

Most of the magazine articles and Fleming 22 kit manual are provided by Concorde. The SoF 1980, Gung Ho 1982 & 1984, and SAR 2003 articles were provided by Rchaisch.

Additional reference material and old ads can be found HERE.

M-11 Manuals
High quality scan of the SWD M-11/NINE manual. You will need Acrobat Reader to view. Please right-click and use "save target as" or "save link as" to download to your hard drive to conserve bandwidth.    M-11/NINE Manual. 5.7mb

Scan of the Military Armament M10/M11 manual.

   MAC M10 and M11 Manual

Scan of the Ingram/RPB version of the M10/M11 manual.

   Cobray M10 and M11 Manual

Scan of the Fleming .22 conversion kit manual.

   Fleming 22 Kit Manual

Magazine Articles
While not owners manuals, the old magazine articles here feature the MAC and make interesting reading. Each file is several megabytes in size    Gunworld (1974)

   Esquire Magazine (1977)

   Soldier of Fortune (1978)

   New Breed Magazine

   Soldier of Fortune (1980)

   Gung Ho (1982)

   Gung Ho (1984)

   Eagle Magazine (1984)

   Machinegun News (1994)

   Small Arms Review (2003)