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Why a M-11 type "MAC"?

The M-11 family of firearms are crude by any standard.

Lets face it, the sights suck, almost no ergonomics to speak of, the trigger is terrible, and it's heavy for a gun of that size.

With that said, the best reasons I can find to own one is they are "FUN" & “I WANT ONE”!

The brightest beacon of hope for the M-11 family is the SWD M-11/NINE, with the SWD M11A1 as a close second. They are the “Barbie”of the NFA world in that you can “accessorize” them into several different flavors of machine gun using just one lower.

They are probably the best choice for those of us on a budget that would like to enter the NFA world. Other then the M-16, I can think of no other NFA weapon that has the same level of customizability.

If you can’t own or afford a NFA MAC then any of the numerous semi-auto clones out there can provide you with a fun blaster that holds twice as many rounds as an average pistol, which can help fulfill that Rambo urge.

What gun enthusiast doesn’t want to own a gun specifically named by the liberals in all those anti-gun bills?

Why I bought a M-11

The sole reason I got a M-11/NINE wasn’t because of investment. I was looking for the best bang for my buck and the M-11/NINE gave me several different SMG “personalities” in one package for under $5,000 including several uppers, tons of magazines, suppressors, and optics (note from Concorde: That combination will cost you a few thousand dollars more now compared to when Linx310 first wrote this). I had originally saved up cash to get a full size UZI but while researching online about the M-11/NINE I noticed how much potential it had because the upper can be replaced like the M-16.

Still not completely sold on a M-11/NINE I took the time to try out a friend's Vector UZI a few more times and do some more research on them. Since I was concerned about getting my money's worth I realized other than speeding it up, slowing it down, and a new set of optics, I would be limited by the UZI's design (not saying the UZI design is bad, in fact it is one of the best) which is not easily modified or accessorized.

But after shooting a M-11/NINE with a good upper and a slow-fire conversion I was sold!!

Now I have one SMG that has a potential to have multiple different personalities.

For example:

  • Stock M-11/NINE or M11A1 – Bullet hose

  • M-11/NINE or M11A1 with LAGE's MAX-11 – Refined SMG

  • M-11/NINE with LAGE’s 22lr upper – Cheap Shooter.

  • M-11/NINE or M11A1 with LAGE's MAX-31 upper – Reliable drum-fed upper, enough to fill that Thompson urge while also serving as an outstanding platform for subgun competitions

  • M-11/NINE with 5.56/.223 MAX-11/15 upper from Lage Manufacturing or a SABRE upper by Alliance Armament (company now defunct) – Lowest cost way to go true .223 full auto.