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M-11 Field Strip

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Steps 4 through 6
Step 4
With the upper and lower separated we can now remove the bolt from the upper receiver.

To do this grasp the charging knob, colored in green, and pull it all the way back until it stops (red arrow).

Step 5
Once the charging knob, colored in green, reaches then end of the upper receiver you can pull it up to remove it from the bolt (red arrow). Since the charging knob is used to hold the bolt inside the upper receiver its removal will allow the bolt to be extracted from the upper receiver.
Step 6
Now that the charging knob has been removed, you should be able to pull the bolt assembly, marked in green, out of the upper receiver (red arrow) through the rear hole.
At this point the gun is field stripped (yes I know the barrel has been cut off, I accidentally cut it out with a image editor) and will allow you plenty of access to clean and maintain your gun. Further disassembly should not be necessary for regular maintenance.

If you wish to disassemble the subassemblies like the bolt or fire control group please refer to the tutorial section on the menu to the left.

If you want to learn how to reassemble your gun from this stage continue with this tutorial by going to the next page.

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