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M-11 Fire Control Group Disassembly

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Steps 4 through 5
Step 4
Take your screwdriver and push down on the FCG retention wire, colored purple, so that the trigger axis pin, colored red, can be pushed out of the receiver.

You may have to hold on to the trigger frame to keep it from binding up with the axis pin.
With the trigger axis pin removed you should have been able to pull out the following parts.

A. FCG Retention Wire
B. Trigger / Trigger Frame
C. Disconnector
D. Trigger Spring
E. Trigger Axis Pin

Step 5
If you wish to also disassemble the safety, you will need a punch pin and a hammer to complete this step.

Before taking the safety apart you should know that under the safety slide, colored, purple, is a small ball bearing and a spring, so be careful not to lose them.

Turn the lower receiver on its side and look at the safety selector, marked in green. Notice the small roll pin, marked in purple. You will need to knock this pin out with a punch pin while keeping the part supported from the rear so the metal tab inside doesn't bend or break.
Once the pin is removed you can remove the safety selector switch, marked in green, from the safety slide, marked in purple.

With the safety pin removed, you should have been able to pull out the following parts.

A. Safety Slide
B. Safety Slide Bearing Spring
C. Safety Selector Switch
D. Safety Slide Bearing / Detent
E. Safety Retention Pin

We have completely disassembled the Fire Control Group. Most people never completely take apart their FCG because it is usually unnecessary. At this stage it is a good idea to clean in places that cannot be reached under normal circumstances.

If you wish to learn how to put it back together continue with this tutorial.

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