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M-11 Bolt Disassembly

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Steps 4 through 5
Step 4
Place the recoil plate against a flat surface and push the bolt, marked in green, towards the plate.
You will notice that as the assembly compresses, the front end of the recoil rod will become visible near the front of the bolt. The front end of the recoil rod has a roll pin, marked in green, going through it. This roll pin must be knocked out for the recoil rod to be removed.

While compressing the bolt assembly, grab your hammer and gently knock this pin out. You may need a 1/16" punch to do this. This can be tricky to do without help. I find placing the recoil plate against the base of the wall and by using my knee to hold the bolt back allows me to use my hands freely to remove the roll pin.

Now that the roll pin is removed, just pull the recoil rod and associated parts, marked in green, out of the bolt. WATCH OUT, the parts are under spring pressure & they can fly out uncontrollably if you don’t keep a hand on them.

At this point the spring, recoil plate, and buffer can be slid off the recoil rod. Sorry no picture.

NOTE: If you only need to replace the buffer pad, you do NOT need to disassemble the bolt to do that. Cut off the old pad if necessary. If your new pad has a hole for the recoil rod/spring to slide through, just cut a slit in the pad from the edge into the hole, and wrap it onto the spring. Some new pads actually don't use a hole, but have the entire corner of the pad cut out and you can cut your "hole" type corner into looking like that if you don't want to just slit it. Either style is acceptable... see below.

Step 5
To remove the extractor you will need a punch pin and a hammer. Keep in mind that the extractor is also under spring pressure so it could go flying if you don’t hold onto it.

Take a look at your bolt. You will notice that on the top and bottom there is a roll pin, marked in green, which is at a slight angle. This roll pin holds the extractor in place.

Place your pin punch into the hole at the top of the bolt and begin gently tapping on it with your hammer. You will notice the roll pin protruding through the bottom hole as you do this.

When the pin looks like its about 2/3 of the way out place your thumb on top of the extractor, marked in purple, to hold it in place so it doesn’t fly of. Once the pin has been removed the extractor can be removed. Be careful not to lose the small spring that is under it.

We have completely disassembled the bolt assembly. Most people never completely take apart their bolt assembly because it is usually unnecessary. At this stage it is a good idea to clean the bolt in places that cannot be reached under normal circumstances, such as, under the extractor.

If you wish to learn how to put it back together continue with this tutorial.

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