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Below is a list of links that I find useful.

Information Websites
Uzitalk is the central hub for UZI owners & has a great message board. MAC owners will be interested in the active "MAC-10" discussion forum located on the website which actually covers all models of the MAC firearm family.
Subguns is one of the best information sites for ownership and issues related to title II weapons. They also have a great discussion forum and ad board.
SC-Texas’ site that has a varity of unique topics on the M-11 series and the happenings of the Title II community in South Texas
Places to purchase parts, accessories & uppers

LAGE manufacturing is the only place you can get the awesome LAGE uppers. LAGE also has a ton of other “must have” MAC accessories as well as commonly needed replacement parts.

Excellent selection of MAC replacement parts.

The ORIGINAL place to get the CF-W Tungsten slowfire bolts, and also a great source for other bolt parts at low prices. The website is new and still under construction, but you can email Tom or call him at 702-763-1269

MAC replacement parts and custom
MAC accessories.

The BEST metal magazines for the M11. They also make an adapter so you can use AR15 style stocks.

Specializes in UZI magazine conversions, general MAC repairs, and custom accessories. Great company to deal with -- ask for Sam.

A good place to get your M-11 or M-10 repaired or refinished. Ask for Matt.

Wide selection of MAC replacement parts from COBRAY themselves.

Alliance Armament made the now-discontinued S.A.B.R.E. .556/.223 upper for the M10 and M11, Alliance Armament was taken over by MAG Tactical, and later MAG Tactical went out of business and there is no more manufacturer support for the S.A.B.R.E., however, you can find the cad drawings HERE.

And now for something completely different...
XRAY prints of MACs and other cool specialty weapons!